COVID-19 Update:

On March 16, Wayne State University temporarily suspended all studies with people in the interest of safety. Although this means our in-person sessions are on hold, our study team has been taking this time to get organized and prepare materials for some exciting new studies we have in the works. Once it is safe to have in-person visits again, we'll contact you to schedule follow-up sessions. We appreciate your continued participation! In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us via text or phone (586) 275-7584 or email if you have any updates, questions, or concerns.


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The Detroit Trauma Project is a group of investigators studying urban trauma based at the Wayne School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan. The project focuses on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the clinical and physiological implications of trauma exposure.

Our adult research studies recruit exclusively through screening in the hospital, and we therefore do not offer opportunities to participate in research through this website. Please click below to find out about our youth studies that your child may be eligible for.


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Dr. Tanja Jovanovic


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"national experts in posttraumatic stress disorders"

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"Sweating Provides Clues Into Who Develops PTSD--and Who Doesn't"

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