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Facilitation of Extinction Retention and Reconsolidation Blockade by Intravenous (IV) Allopregnanolone in PTSD

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

Submit the "Contact Form" below and a researcher will reach out to you to conduct an initial phone screening.

Background Information: 

Allo is a neurosteroid (hormone) produced from progesterone by the brain, adrenal glands, testes, and ovaries. Production of Allo is stimulated when certain neurons in the brain are activated and when stress activates the adrenal glands. Allo also influences processes that strengthen or weaken memories. Basic research suggests that several factors can reduce production of Allo: exposure to chronic or extreme stress, prolonged social isolation, chronic intermittent heavy alcohol use, certain oral contraceptives, chronic use of some psychiatric medications or other substances used to manage PTSD such as nicotine, exposure to environment toxins, and genetic predisposition. Research also shows that Allo production is reduced in a large subpopulation of women and men with PTSD. Reduced Allo is strongly associated with severity and poor retention of extinction learning-both of which contribute to chronic PTSD. This study will be conducted in adult men and women with chronic PTSD. Women will be studied during two distinct phases of the menstrual cycle because progesterone levels (and therefore levels of Allo) change markedly across the menstrual cycle, as do problems with extinction retention.

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Up to $280 depending on your participation in the study. 


  • All genders have to be between 18-55 years old

  • Meet study assessment criteria

  • Willing to abstain from alcohol for 2 weeks. 

  • Willing to abstain from nicotine, marijuana, and illicit drugs for 4 weeks

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Bipolar I disorder, schizophreniform disorder, or substance use disorder within 3 months of study entry

  • History of a suicide attempt within 1 year of enrolling

  • Imminent risk to self or others or require clinical intervention to maintain safety

  • Unstable medical condition or condition that may affect outcomes

  • Moderate or severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) (mild TBI acceptable)

  • Using any medications or substances (by self-report or toxicology testing) that may increase the risk of the side effects of IV Allo or affect the experimental results.

  • Females: pregnant, breastfeeding, or if of childbearing potential, unwilling to use two forms of effective birth control for one week before and one month after study drug administration

  • Wear hearing aids or fail hearing test

Activities you will be involved with: 

  • Symptom questionnaires

  • Medical, cognitive, and psychiatric evaluations

  • Urine, saliva, and blood sampling

  • If eligible: Receive IV Allo dose on day 1 and memory tests with blood sampling on days 1 and 2. 

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