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Participate in Our Critical Periods Study!

Dr. Jovanovic and all members of the Detroit Trauma Project welcome you to come participate in our Critical Periods Study. Details are listed below. Please fill out the Contact Form to find out more!


What is the purpose of this study?

We are conducting a long-term study of children in the Detroit area, and will examine both typical brain development and how challenging experiences, like traumatic events, might impact that development.


Who can participate?

Most 9-year-old children are eligible to participate. Please contact us if your child is 9 or is about to turn 9.

What will happen if I choose to participate?

  • Families who agree to participate visit the lab at Wayne State every 6 months over 2 years for interviews.

  • The child will complete a MRI scan once a year and play brain games in the lab twice a year. 

  • Families are compensated for their time and participation after each visit, and the child gets to see a picture of their brain!

Results from the study will:

Provide a better understanding of brain development, and help us understand how to best help children who have experienced trauma or adversity.

Compensation for total completion of the two-year study is $800.


Contact information:


Critical Periods in Brain Development Study


Wayne State University School of Medicine




Phone: (586) 275-7584

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